Celebrating Christmas!

On Friday 15th, most of the team went out for dinner to celebrate Christmas. It is a time for friends and family, but also an ideal time to take time out for colleagues and enjoy time away from the work environment.

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Antonio Molina had the opportunity to review Cool Vega and the important growth experienced in the last two years, as well as the inflationary scenario that both consumers and companies are experiencing.

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Tomato. Fruit or vegetable?

There is no doubt that the tomato is the ingredient par excellence of the most loved and well-known recipes. But do you really know what a tomato is? The tomato

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Agroradio interviews Antonio Molina

Antonio Molina, CEO of Cool Vega, tells José Antonio Navarro, presenter of Agroinformación, in detail about the production process of gazpacho and salmorejo, the two most popular dishes of the

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