We have had the great privilege of receiving the award for the best Business Project of 2023 at the XXXIV edition of the Dirigentes Awards.

On 11 October we experienced a special and proud night. Our CEO, Antonio Molina, had the honour of representing Cool Vega company as one of the companies awarded in the Dirigentes awards.

Media as El Confidencial Digital, Diario Abierto o El Periódico de Ceuta have voiced the recognition of the members of the jury of Grupo Dirigentes for the work and achievements of Cool Vega Company, especially in the last two years, a period in which it has experienced growth figures well above the average for its sector. This strong growth has been driven in large part by the company’s business refocus following the appointment of Antonio Molina as CEO at the end of 2020.

Antonio had the pleasure of sharing the limelight with the other award winners from companies that, like Cool Vega, have seen their work recognised (Mahou, Mapfre, MSC Cruceros, TK Elevator, Nissan, Northgate, Café Dromedario, Fortia Energía and Berkshire Hathaway Specialty). Congratulations to all of them! 

An extraordinary evening. Thank you Dirigentes for recognising our work!

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