Quality Department

Our Guarantee

To guarantee the quality of our products, Cool-Vega has its own Quality Department, which ensures the correct compliance with food safety regulations on a daily basis.

Cool Vega’s work in terms of quality and food safety is backed by the most demanding quality certifications: IFS and BRCS Food. We also have the FACEcertificate (gluten-free) for many of our products, the vegan certificate and the organic certificate issued by the Organic Agriculture Council of the Region of Murcia.

The company has two laboratories: physico-chemical and microbiology.

This department also carries out the development and innovation processes, both for our products and for our clients, as another service: “Product Development“. Thus, adapted to the demands of the market, it works continuously on improving products and formats, doing a fantastic job in developing formulas that adapt to the recipes of the products requested by our customers.

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