Corporate Social

Enviroment Sustainability

At Cool Vega we carry out actions aimed at creating a sustainable environment in different areas:

Social Sustainability

We develop actions aimed at our employees, the rest of society and our environment.


They are the soul of the company. he fundamental pillar on which Cool Vega is based. That is why we seek for their work and personal well-being with:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Work-life balance measures
  • Training
  • Equal treatment and opportunities
  • Equality Plan
  • Protocol against gender violence
  • Protocol against sexual harassment
  • We try to promote local employment
  • Periodic donation of products to Caritas and Jesús Abandonado.


We aim to optimise resources and manage waste appropriately, promoting care for nature.

  • We carried out a photovoltaic installation in 2020, which has an industrial self-consumption capacity of 550 kW. The production of this power plant is 780,000 kWh per year, which allows us to stop releasing 400 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.
  • In addition, we use PET packaging (recyclable material) and RPET packaging (recycled and recyclable material) for our production.
  • We have a treatment plant that removes the solids and chemical compounds we use for cleaning and disinfecting the factory, in order to discharge the waste-free water into the sewage system.
  • Regarding organic waste, a waste management company collects the vegetable waste to be consumed in livestock farming.
  • Finally, we send plastics and cardboard to a composting plant for recycling.


We seek sustainable growth, based on innovation and 100% natural raw materials from local, local gardens.

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