Cool Vega, your reference in Gazpacho

Ana Isabel Albares, presenter of the program CLM DESPIERTA on Canal Castilla La Mancha, interviews Antonio Molina, CEO of Cool Vega Company, because she wanted to know more about how gazpacho is produced and other variables involved in the production process.

This morning we had the pleasure of participating in the program CLM Despierta of the television channel Castilla La Mancha.

Antonio Molina, CEO of Cool Vega Company, has answered all the questions that the program has asked him about the production of Gazpacho. The fact is that cold soups, during summer, generate a lot of interest both because of how they are produced, since consumers are looking for 100% natural products, as well as because of the different varieties available.

Ana Isabel Albares also wanted to go into more detail about the production process and asked Antonio Molina what aseptic packaging is and how the customized projects we develop for our customers are developed.

The customized projects, which Cool Vega likes to call “integral service” or “turnkey project”, are born from the enormous potential that Cool Vega combines with the most advanced technology and extensive experience in the production of Gazpacho. At Cool Vega we offer our customers our expertise to design the recipe they are looking for, with a specific flavour, colour or texture and develop it, combining variables such as the percentage of extra virgin olive oil, salt or vinegar as well as the variety of tomato, the type of peppers (lamuyo, Italian…) or the type of production process. En definitiva: a precise and full service with a very high level of customer satisfaction.

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