Do you know how we prepare our gazpacho and salmorejo?

In Cool Vega, we are specialists in the preparation of gazpacho and salmorejo, so…. We can explain you how we prepare the star dishes of the summer!

Cool Vega produces grated tomato, gazpacho and salmorejo since 2016. In addition to the know-how, we have the latest technology to produce our products preserving the freshness and organoleptic properties and a very high commitment to quality and good service to our customers. Cool Vega produces under its own brands (VIB’s and Cultivalia) and under third party brands (companies such as Sabores de la Esteban and for the main retail chains in Spain).

Cool Vega controls the whole production process: from the time the vegetable seed is planted (measuring every factor involved in the correct ripening of the vegetables) until the product is packaged and distributed to the customer’s shelves. This control means that we can guarantee for ourselves that the most rigorous food safety and quality requirements are always complied with.

Logically, the main ingredient is the tomato, and depending on the recipe of the product at Cool Vega we use different varieties. The most common are the pear tomato, the canary tomato, the kumato® tomato and the raf tomato. All these tomatoes arrive very fresh every day at the factory and generate very little carbon footprint, as they come from local orchards located 25 kilometers away.


Our production process, thanks to its powerful technology, manages to maintain the organoleptic and nutritional properties of the vegetables without altering their flavour and freshness, achieving a product of excellent quality and flavour. The secret of this high quality and great taste resides in the aseptic packaging, something that very few companies can offer and that guarantees perfect conditions, since we sterilize the bottles and then, in a closed atmosphere and free of possible pathogens, we pack the final product. So, our gazpachos and salmorejos are fresh, natural, with an exceptional taste and of course, of the highest quality, without any possibility of being contaminated.

packing process

The formats chosen for these products are PET (recyclable) and RPET (recycled and recyclable) bottles, available in formats ranging from 250ml to 2,000ml capacity. Made of flexible, light and transparent material, this packaging preserves the aroma, freshness and flavor perfectly. Regarding ingredients and product characteristics, they may vary according to the customer’s needs. At Cool Vega we offer “gluten-free” salmorejo and, of course, all our products can be organic or meet other requirements that our customers need, as we develop turnkey projects, that is to say, customised. projetcs.

Once production is finished, the bottles are placed in boxes and palletised and then stored in the refrigerated chamber, which is between 0 and 6ºC, the ideal temperature to keep the product perfect until it is sent to the shelves (it will never exceed 3 days in the refrigerated chamber). In addition, our quality technicians analyse each production at least 5 times to ensure that the product maintains the optimum organoleptic level before being served to our customers.

Also, in terms of environmental sustainability, we use the energy generated by our solar panels (with an industrial self-consumption of 550 kW which allows us to stop releasing 400 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually). We also have a water treatment plant to clean the water used in our daily activity as well as a correct management of organic waste, plastics, cardboard, etc., as at Cool Vega we are firmly committed to and aware of the need to care for the environment.

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