Our gazpacho and its keys to success

Our CEO, Antonio Molina, tells the newspaper La Razón some of the key reasons why our gazpacho has such an exceptional flavor.

This past Saturday, we appeared in Madrid Viva supplement of the newspaper La Razón. This product raises passions and we are all interested in knowing how the most prestigious chefs make it in their restaurants, and of course, how Cool Vega, a company specializing in the production of gazpacho, does it.

There are many recipes for gazpachos, and in Cool Vega we elaborate those required by our customers. We use different varieties of tomatoes according to the recipe (pear, canary, raf, kumato®). This recipe has been previously agreed with the customer, developing different tests to achieve the desired product.

And our secret, what is it?

Firstly, the control to which we submit the process from the time the vegetable seed is planted in the orchards until the final product is bottled. Secondly, we use raw materials of the highest quality, fresh vegetables from local gardens every day and extra virgin olive oil. At the same time,we have the most advanced technology, which respects the organoleptic properties of the ingredients as well as their flavor and aroma, which are maintained in the final product. And of course, the aseptic packaging, something that few companies can offer, and which guarantees the highest product quality.

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